The Sad State of Games

What happened?

DLC, Pay to Win, Loot Boxes, Microtransactions, on disk DLC, Release Day Patches, Exclusive Retailers, Deluxe  and Collectors editions of games, Broken menus ECT…. ECT….  All of these things are contributing to the sad state of games today. Gone are the days of playing a fighting game without dlc or rpg elements. I miss beating the game with each character and that in turn would unlock a new fighter. No convoluted menu or crafting, no weird ham fisted story attached after the fact. No free to play base game that I have to buy the rest of the characters.  It is not just fighting games, all genre of games have been infested with loot boxes and microtransactions. Quake has loot boxes! Crafting and inventory management have there place, keep it there. I was looking forward to Quake champions, upon delivery I find a game so bloated with loot boxes, multiple currency, inventory management and microtransaction that I forget I am playing a twitch FPS game.  It was so bad they completely changed the game menu system but they added another Pay to win mechanic in its place.  Rage 2 is showing in the latest advertisements the BFG 9000 will be in the game, today I read you can only get that gun if you Pay for the Deluxe or Collector’s edition. Stuff like this will continue and get worse as long as patrons keep purchasing these games. Only way it will change is if you vote with your wallet. Not just picking on Bethesda The same goes for the latest Mortal Kombat. Highly anticipated game, bloated with loot boxes, multiple currency, grinding, RPG elements and main characters held back for DLC.  Greed is killing the love for the industry.  Loot boxes in games have there place, games like Borderlands do it right. They are not selling them for real world money. That practice now has the Government paying attention to the game industry. I would rather the government work on more important things in the grand scope of things.  Only way to change things is to vote with your wallet.