I am still not able to express just how happy I am about how Awesome FADECON was this year.  I am so happy you all made it and had a good time. The staff and I work very hard on this all year long so it is very satisfying seeing it all come together and everyone having fun. Boy o boy did we have fun! It was so nice to see everyone participating in most of the games we had going. Even cooler that we had friends that could not make it join us to frag.

Big Thank You to Terry Nagy from Apogee for supplying us with the external game servers and a bunch of very cool swag. If you participated from home please let us know how the server connections were.  Below are a few Thank You / Thoughts on the LAN that I really appreciated reading. Love you all, hope to see you all at FADECON 2017!!!



Terry Nagy “I’m thrilled that the servers Apogee provided to all FADECON allowed those who could not attend to still have fun with those who did attend. I’m planning on expanding upon this for next year, so get your keyboards and mice ready for action PC Master Race!”


Guy Hale “On behalf of the network staff thanks to everyone who came out to FADECON 3D! I really appreciate those who tolerated in good grace the early network issues as well as those who were held captive against their will by the captive portal. I will spend some time figuring out what went wrong with that and hopefully it works smoother next year. We will have a beefier server next year to better support LAN hosted game servers as well.

A huge thanks to Terry with Apogee for the internet based servers! They worked great and we saw a few familiar faces gaming with us from home! We really appreciate it and Bouv and I will be ready for next year for whatever tricks you have in your bag.

I cannot thank enough the rest of the network staff who really busted ass this year and got shit done – dp_ (who is this year’s real cable fairy), Geno, Neg1 and MrEvil. Also a big thanks to Bentley for bringing the cable (and the booze!) and similarly working up a sweat helping run and tape the cable. If anyone else helped before I showed up and I missed you, shout out and be recognized!

And last but not least, thank you again Geno for the server and networking equipment! He spent hours standing up the server at home so we could work on it remotely and tolerated it being running for days at a time (and us asking him to turn it back on the next day). He spent additional hours driving around to collect the gear and then drive it up so we would have it for the event. He has selflessly donated it in care to FADECON and now it has a new home with Fade. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Thanks again to everyone for coming! If you have any feedback for next year feel free to leave it here or hit me up privately. We look forward to seeing you at FADECON 2017! (FADECON 4K?)”


Jennifer Mulrey “Thank you thank you thank you!!! Everyone did such an amazing job, you all are the best bunch of crazies to work with and we wouldn’t have it any other way, love you all. Hoped the gummy bears were tested by all and if they were good enough they will make another appearance. From the bottom of my heart again – thank you for coming out and making FADECON Rock 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏  clap it up