fade photo

FADE – “Master of Ceremonies of Mirth and Madness”
Knows nothing about IT or networking so do not ask him questions about it. You will only be disappointed. He will be found at his throne with a beer in one hand and a martini in the other. Be mindful because he will probably be tipsy and won’t be able to answer to many questions. But if your questions are alcohol related seek him out! He will also be handling sponsorship giveaways and making sure everyone is having a great time!


Fur Fur – “Registration”
Otherwise known as FADE’s wife.  She has 1 job….. Registration!  She is clueless to everything else. Do not hit on her or FADE will hit on you!


WitherMan – “Console Tournaments”
He runs the Smash Tournament and relays messages to other people who actually know what they’re talking about. “FADE-Mini”


CountryGirl – “Registration Minion”
She will be helping with registration.  Don’t ask her any questions unless you know sign language.  If not she  will teach you.  “FurFur- Mini”


CodeMA – “Event Photographer”
Steals your souls for tribute to the beer gods and ensures memories are captured after wanton consumption of their nectar. *See FADE for actual beer deity related negotiations and related questions.


Geno – “Network/Sys Admin”
Geno has/is provided server and network hardware for FADECON. Without Geno you’d all be simply playing with yourselves. If you are experiencing network issues please seek out Geno and rub his tummy for assistance. “My network don’t crash. If she crashes, you crashed her.” -Geno2015


Halestorm – “Network/Sys Admin/Cabling”
Halestorm is FADE’s personal cable fairy… he waves his magic crimping wand over the FADECON ballroom and all ethernet cables are crimped, tested, and 100% certified to handle all your gaming needs. When not rolling out the cables he’s picking his beautiful hair into the biggest fro you’ve ever seen! If you want his cabling powers just run up and give his hair a squeeze and all his knowledge will be transferred!


dp_ – “File Sharing(DC++)/Network/Sys Admin”
Talk to me if you have any questions concerning dc++, and front line networking/system admin questions. I have two hands and love to help out! Come find me if you need help setting up or plugging in your cables.


BouvToTheMax – “Network/Sys Admin”
I assist the other network/server admins in configuring network applications, game servers, and captive portal. I will be assisting to make your 3 days full of fun frags and drunkness.


Jehar – “Event Caster/Streaming”
I will be the face and voice of FADECON bringing you live streaming of the entire event! I will be fed enough caffeine to kill a horse in order to stay up all 3 days. Senseless plug for my streaming site: I play Quake, Doom, and many other FPS games. I love to talk about mobas and why Tim Willits is one of the best mappers in the business.


Mr Evil – “Network/Sys Admin/Cabling”
A fine connoisseur of cigars, single barrel whiskeys, fine linen, and aged cheddar cheeses. I will be snubbing my nose down at all the pleb LAN attendees. *Just kidding Mr. Evil is an awesome guy who always lends a hand no matter what it entails. If you need assistance grab his arm and show him where the problem is.


DJ Psyko M1 – “Attendee Entertainment”
Psyko when not spinning the tunes he’ll be at his seat organizing his TBs of gaming ROMS. Psyko’s Fightclub, 1st rule cant talk about it…  Psyko will be also assisting FADE in beverage duties making sure everyone is hydrated with wonderful Franconia brew or their favorite martini. Beware of his cellphone camera skills, his selfies will capture you when you aren’t even aware!


Kumo – “Registration Guru”
Kumo will be assisting FurFur with registration. I hear he plans on making attendees grow beards before he lets them in, yes ladies too. If it all falls apart it his fault! Just kidding……


Ahab – “Table Top Lama”
Hi! My name is Ahab and I give new meaning to the phrase ‘My card wont swipe!’. I will be your table top village Game Master at FADECON. Whether you’re a dice chucker or a card flopper, I’ll have plenty of boardgames available for you to enjoy!”


Xarus Lonestar – “Graphicus Artisticus”
I like to play around in Photoshop and sometimes what comes out makes it on to shirts and wallpapers and videos.