Rage 2 – Refund 1

I am not sure what id software was thinking with the PC release of Rage 2. They were already trying to regain consumer trust after the abysmal fist game in this now series. The original rage on PC was unplayable with just a mouse and keyboard, you know the things you use to play games on PC! The tacked on driving bits and races were uncontrollable with the traditional PC controls, You had to have a controller to be able to play the whole game.  It was ridiculous having to switch from mouse and keyboard to controller and back just to progress in the game.  The whole time your playing on the keyboard your controller buzzing around on the desk from the rumble.  I entered Rage 2 with trepidation, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt they had addressed the sins of the first game. Surely Bethesda learned from there mistakes and the community Rage over the poor decisions they made with the first game.  Nope.  This is a console game poorly ported to PC. Unless you are a mutant from the outland with double hands this game is not playable with the default keyboard controls.  You can not even play some with mouse and keyboard and the driving bits with controller this time. They have added abilities to the main character this time and that is where the control problems lay.  I am still resisting playing a PC FPS with a controller, it is just not right. I am looking for some alternative key-mapping that may not give me carpal tunnel. In short the controls suck and you should play this game with a controller.

Besides the controls this game is trying so very hard to be funny. It’s ham-fisted attempts at humor fall short, they are more jarring and annoying after a while then funny.  You Sr. are no Borderlands, so stop trying.  I find myself programmed to explore every inch of a map looking for chest and lockers to open, I found lots of sparsely populated areas and no reason to have looked . After playing stellar titles like Far Cry New Dawn and any of the Borderlands games it is real easy to spot…. THIS GAME HAS NO SOUL. It is the kid you know that tries too hard to be cool and just ends up annoying everyone. I was drawn to this game by the slick graphics and what looked to be fun rampant game-play. An apology to players of the first game, we heard you, we are sorry, here go shoot stuff in the face.  So far this has been more of the same from Bethesda, we know your suckers give us your money.  If you are a console player I am sure you will have no problem navigating the controls and playing the game. I expect more from a company that cemented its legacy with PC FPS games.  I think it is time to get off this hype train.