MK 11

Mk11 is good, lets get that out in the open first. If you like this franchise you will like this game. The story mode is a kontinuation of the story they started in MK9, so nothing new to report here. If you are playing the story be sure to select Sub Zero every time you are asked. Once you are out of the Cyber factory you will unlock Frost. I do not know if she is unlocked any other way. Frost is at launch the only unavailable character. I hope the rumors are true and Spawn wil be a dlc release. I am a huge Spawn fan so this is really exciting for me. Hope they dont fuck him up, fingers crossed. The main fighting mechanics they introduced in MKX are all still here in 11, however this time you are able to build your own style instead of having 3 prebuilt to select from. This is where the player skins are selected too, gone is the on the fly skin selection from MKX. It feels a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get into it you will see its not as adjustable as you would think. You are limited to a handful of selectable special moves and equipment. Each piece of equipment can have 2 power augments added once you have played enough to unlock the slots and found the correct agement in the Krypt. Ah the Krypt. … The Krypt itself is very cool, lots of fan service and easter eggs from the original Mortal Kombat movie to find. The problem is the cost to open the chest and the miniscule amount of Kurancy you get per fight. This makes the game a grind fest and not really all that fun. Thankfully you do not need to do any of the Krypt stuff to be able to enjoy the main game. Overall it’s more of what you love and it looks outstanding. Super high resolution graphics and smooth gameplay. Get Over Here!