Bawls Guarana has been in secret contact with Bawls Helmet wearing BouvToTheMax to offer FADECON a super ridiculous sponsorship! The wonderful employees at Bawls are shipping FADECON a pallet… YES YOU’VE READ CORRECTLY A PALLET!!!! of wonderful carbonated Bawls Guarana!

That’s 1 Pallet = 80 Cases = 24 Cans per case = 1,920 Cans of Bawls = 30,720 oz of beverage = 240 Gallons…. ZOMG!!!

The Admins here at FADECON would LOVE <3 to send a HUGE Thank You to Bawls for sponsoring and supporting our LAN party!

Look forward to more sponsorship information in the coming months. Signup as seats are filling up fast!