I have really enjoyed all of these games in the series. The introduction of new characters has been interesting, though I find I am always wishing I was playing as Dante. In this fifth iteration they have introduced V, a new character with a totally different gameplay style. V is most definitely different, and for me not in a good way. I find myself hurrying through his levels so I can get back to fun. It was a bold experiment that I just don’t feel paid off in the end. I am sure some will really enjoy the fresh take on gameplay, at least I hope there are some of you out there. I do like these games and want them to make. I can only describe V’s gameplay as a mashup of an escort mission and button mashing fighting game. If that sounds fun to you, this is the character for you. Nero and Dante are these new games bread and butter and they deliver. If you have been a fan since DMC then you will enjoy more of the same shooting stabbing and looking good while you do it gameplay the franchise is based on. The story is a bit weak on plot but who plays these style of games for a riveting story, it is all about being a stylish ginsu superball of demon death. This one gets a A+ from me, pick it up and have you some fun.