We are all hard at work preparing to put on a kick ass LAN party for you all next year!  I am happy to announce we will be holding a T-shirt and wallpaper contest again this year.  The theme this year is 3D so get your noodles working and submit some awesome art! We will nominate the top 3 for each and hold a vote for the winner!  Please send your submissions into Fade@FADECON.org starting TODAY!!    Submissions will be accepted thru November 1st  voting will begging on November 2nd thru November 15th  Wining T-Shirt and wallpaper design  will be posted on November 16th and Shirts will be ordered!!  Get your Art in and put your mark on FADECON!  (To be considered for  selection all art work must be safe for work. This is going on a T-shirt people…. Ahab I am looking at you… )    Stay safe my friends and see you soon!