Busy Entertainment Week

This is a week we have been waiting for! MK 11, Avengers End Game and Game of Thrones battle of Winterfell! I am so excited I may bust, or I need to stop eating so much maybe. Anyway… I will have a review of MK 11 up once I spend some quality time with it this week. I will have to quit my Borderlands addiction cold turkey and prepare for Mortal Kombat! I did not pre-purchase tickets to see Avengers, I will see if that bites me in the ass. I suspect I will have no problem seeing it in my local theater. Benefit of living in BFE. Game of Thrones has been good but not exciting so far, 2 shows of set up when we know they only made 8 this season feels excessive. The shit should hit the fan this next show, so I hope all this build up was worth it. Not sure this show is capable of having a happy ending. Its known for murdering in horrific ways characters you care about, kind of like what Walking Dead use to be before it turned into boring talk show killing characters for a ratings pop at the expense of the plot. meh I will Post a review of Avengers as a whole once I see it. I have a few ideas of how they will un-dust half the universe. Guess we shall see what they do. One thing is for sure it is not the way they do it in the comics, we are way off the reservation from the original plot. Bring on the week!