FSP Group Sponsorship!



FSP Group has joined the list of sponsors for FADECON 3D! They produce power supply units for many of the products in your home besides your PC! They are one of the largest PSU companies in the market and FADECON is happy to have them on board with us! Please give them a warm welcome to the FADECON group and show your support on their social media FSP Group Facebook page.
Thank you again and we can not wait till January!!!

Sumo Lounge Laying the Smack-down to your rear!!!



FADECON would like to welcome Sumo Lounge to our list of sponsors! If you happened to attend QuakeCon2015 you might have had the chance to sit/lay in some of their ultra comfortable – ultra plush beanbag chairs. Fade has worked his magic in procuring two of their Omni Plus Suede chairs for your rears to enjoy during the event. If you’d like to send some FADECON love to them check out their social media pages below. A big thanks again to Sumo Lounge and we look forward to you all attending FADECON 3D!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SumoLoungeGear

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sumobeanbag


FADECON3D Registration….AND OPEN!!!!!!


Damn…we must have some bugs still in the system either that or some helping hands are looking out for all our attendees! CL4P-TP agrees FADECON3D registration should be OPEN!!!

FADECON admins already see a bunch of eager beavers who were chomping at the bit to get seats early and we are happy they were all successful! Just a few house cleaning tips for those who haven’t registered yet: you have to login with your social media account, PayPal is the only method of payment, you should be getting two emails *check your spam folder* (1 from PayPal and 1 from FADECON), and here is the link to the Hyatt Hotel (http://www.dallasgarland.place.hyatt.com/) tell them you are attending FADECON for “special room reservation package” (I believe the package is the hotel is putting all FADECON attendees on the same floor…)

We look forward to all of you attending in January! Keep your web browsers posted here for the most up to date information because we still have much more to announce!




FADE must have made a deal with the Devil! The developers at ID Software will be attending FADECON to provide QuakeLiveLAN dedicated servers for all attendees! WOO WOO WOO!!!! Make sure you seek out id|Sponge and give him a big FADECON hug for all his hard work and dedication to the QuakeLive program.