Arsenal The Un-boxing

I backed this photo enhancing device a while back, it finally showed up in the mail today! This is my un-boxing and set up experience so far. The packaging was smaller than I expected, not a big deal. I am not a fan of the no instructions in the box gimmick companies are using now. What if I don’t want to go on line and watch a video?

You get the Arsenal, a usb charging cord, wall adapter and a accessory remote cable for your camera in the box. No frills here.

Once you charge the unit for a few hours it is on to set up. All the setup is done through their app, it works on Android or Apple. I had a bit of trouble getting it to connect at first. Then it prompted me to download an update, and install it. This took about 10 mins. Felt very Sony PlayStation ish, clunky. Once it is charged and set up, slide it into the hot shoe on your camera, plug it into the remote jack and its time for magic! …

My Arsenal did not fit snugly into the hot shoe, it slid right out as soon as I picked up my camera. I will definitely need to address that before I use it in the field. Once it was all powered up and running I was able to connect and live view my camera on the phone, no problem. This interface is S L O W! I see why it is mainly for tripod use. I think I will need to set up a shot I want manually, then use this device to try for a more custom shot over my limited camera setting knowledge. I am still a novice when it comes to manual settings, that is why I was interested in this device. The app wanted me to be in AV mode, I switched the camera to that mode but the app did not recognize it. I had to power off the camera, unplug the Arsenal, close the app, power back on the camera, switch to the AV mode, plug back in the Arsenal and finally power back up the app for it to work. That needs to be addressed, way too many steps for dealing with out in the field while you are trying to get a once in a lifetime shot. Speed and ease of use should be the main focus for this product. I took a few photos with the app of stuff on my desk, nothing special. It all looks like its working. If its taking better pictures than I can remains to be seen. Once I get it out for some real world testing I will post my review.