Arsenal Field Test

I borrowed a tripod from my buddy Chuck, set all the equipment up and I was off into the wild…. Of my front yard.  This time I had no problem syncing up the phone to the Arsenal App.  I took a few test photos manually and a few using the app. I got to tell you once again this app is slow.  It all looked like it was doing what it was supposed to do. I took a few pictures with it from a few angles then headed back inside to see the results

Not impressed with what I saw. Out of the handful of pictures it took only one or 2 were worth a damn. Even those do not look like something I could have done myself without the extra hassle of the app and equipment. They certainly were not $200 worth of better than what I can do with limited camera knowledge.  

Can you tell I am not impressed with this thing?  Messing with the app and based off the slick marketing video I am hoping the Arsenal will be most useful for long exposure shots of sky and water or maybe some time laps videos.  I will have to do some further testing once I pick up a tripod and find a good spot to shoot.  As of right now I can not recommend anyone buying this piece of kit.  (Yes I spelled Kit right)