First I want to wish you all a very happy holiday!

Random updates and thought from FADE….

The shirts have been ordered and should be arriving soon! If you missed out on a shirt or want another / more FADECON merch check out this link!

2016-12-09-1  2016-12-09

The custom badges are getting close to completion too! I hope you all dig them as much as I do, if not tough, you are still getting them. 🙂

I have heard all the rooms I had blocked out at the special room rate have been booked, I have a call in to get more added for you all that still need to book. Keep an eye on the Forum & Facebook page for an update on this.

We are still looking for Game Developers that want to talk about their projects. If any of you know a Dev that would be interested please let me know!

Also if any of you have art you would like to sell let me know so we can coordinate and post about it.

I look forward to seeing you all soon! Keep safe and prepare yourself for FADECON 4k!