Wow what a LAN! I had a blast this year. Lots of great new people and old friends. No power issues, Network was solid, beer was delicious, lots of help with set up and teardown. You all rock! I have been wanting to do the panty hoes bowling for years now, finaly got that done! It was as funny as I hoped it would be. haha Thank You to all the sponsors that donated swag for the event. I sent a lot of happy people home with your awesome products. Big Thank You to Bawls for the fuel to keep going, and going. My staff are the best group of friends a boy could hope for. Thank You for your dedication and putting on a rock solid event. Great job everyone… Now get some rest!   Thank you Terry from Apogee for your continued support of the event. Thank you to Justin Pierce for what has become our yearly update on his awesome game Arms of Telos! Thank you Andrew Hulshult for your interesting talk on game music development.  Great job Buddy 🙂 Thank you to Alex Jehar Popa for the live stream and being the glue that holds us all together. You knocked it out f the park yet again.


I am just a boy that loves hanging out, meeting people, alcohol and video games. It was so nice to do all the things I love with all of you.

<3  FADE